Conferencing can be exhausting

I cannot believe how tired I am right now. I think I’m more exhausted this year than I was last — and I was pregnant then!

Baby was awesome at daycare. He totally rocked it. I checked in several times during the day, and the ladies there just loved him. Said he was golden. He hit a wall around 4.15 or so, which I totally expected. I had stopped in just before that, so I was ready. I fed him then took him out. So I would say that was a successful first day at daycare. Yay!

No way I could do that every day. I missed him too much. It was a nice break, but at the same time, I was constantly thinking about him and worrying about him. He was fine, though. I was the crazy one.

There’s a lot going on. Different vibe this year. I think my favorite year was San Jose, because there was an outdoor area near the pool where everyone could hang out. There’s just not a central hang-out spot here. It makes it a little harder to network and find the people you were hoping to meet. It’s tough to find the perfect venue – the one in San Jose had its own issues, too.

The Westin here is okay, but not great. It’s historic. What they really mean is old. I’m not into that. I loved the W last year, so plush and nice. This place? It’s a grand place, no doubt. But the elevators are agonizingly slow. Not fun when you have a stroller. And my bathroom? Tiny. I put on my reservation that I had a baby. They gave me a room with only a shower. By the time I realized that, I had already unpacked and was too tired to do anything about it. I will note that when I check out, to be sure. So much for being a ‘preferred’ guest, eh?

I was disappointed in breakfast, too. Last year, we actually had a full meal. This year? Stuff like pastries and fruit. Absolutely no protein, which is essential if you’re going to have stuff like that in the morning. It keeps your blood sugar from crashing. Yes, I will be giving feedback at the end for next year. I’m not upset or anything, just noticing little things. Lunch was nice, actually. And the food array at Ruby Skye rocked. Just wasn’t happy with breakfast. So tomorrow I’ll go down and look, but if I’m not happy with it, I’ll just go and find something else.

I don’t want to sound like it’s all negative because it’s not. We have awesome sponsors who make it possible for me to have affordable – and wonderful – daycare during the event. And the sponsors totally make the conference affordable. I’m enjoying it, truly. Getting to talk to people and hand out the car care guides. It’s all good.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Except for getting up for yoga at 7. What was I thinking?

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2 Responses
  1. Julie @ the calm before the stork (1 comments.) says:

    I can attest to the fact that your little one was a STAR in daycare!

    It was great to meet you!

    I love your tag line. (Gotta get me one of those.)

  2. becky says:

    Your little guy did pretty darn well in daycare from what I saw, too. And he’s such a doll.

    Enjoyed meeting you, too. :)