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What independence day means to me

Today, my first independence day with the little guy, was quite pleasant. We slept in while daddy went to work. And took an afternoon nap. Then we all walked down to the park to take in a little bit of the community party. Our boy was fascinated by all of the goings on, watching all of the people walk by, hearing the music play.

J took the boy around for a walk. He stopped part way across the lawn to turn the boy around and carry him facing out so he could see everything. As they stood there for a moment, my heart caught in my throat. Those are my boys, I thought. And I was so happy to be able to say that.

I haven’t told my boy’s birth story yet, so many of you don’t know all that we went through to get him here. And I realize I need to do that while it’s still pretty fresh in my mind, so he’ll have a record of it some day. If we lived in any other time and place, any other era before the medical advancements we have now, it’s probable that neither the boy or I would be here. So I’m especially grateful to have these moments with him. more…