trying not to let the tired take over

9/365: bonding timeI haven’t been able to get enough sleep over the past week, even with mid-day naps snuggling my sweet boy. Maybe it’s restlessness. Maybe it’s life changes.

Or maybe it’s teething. The boy broke one tooth last week and a second tooth on Monday. He’s really not too grouchy, considering. Just not napping much, running a slight fever until the teeth break, and being a tiny bit whiny. But I know it could be worse.

Like Sunday afternoon, for instance. I think we re-enacted a portion of the exorcist. Baby vomit flying everywhere. You’re welcome.

I felt so sorry for the tyke. Grandma picked him up from his nap, he belched, then spewed. I had been napping (nappus interruptus), but went in the dining room to help. I took the kid, and while Mom cleaned up the floor and table, I cleaned the kid. Of course, just after I got that done, he borked some more.

So, we cleaned up again and this time I changed him. And me (my shirt). It seemed like the worst was over. Oh, famous last words, how you haunt me. As I put the soiled clothes in the laundry, the kid threw up again.

Have you ever had baby vomit run down your arm? It’s quite the experience. I had to scrub my arm. Count yourself lucky if you’ve never smelled spoiled breast milk. It’s awful, especially after it’s been sitting in a baby’s stomach for a couple of hours or so. Mmmmm.

Anyway, that was the last of it. And each time, he was smiling and happy after each incident. It didn’t seem to phase him so much. The next day, I felt a tooth breaking through. And it made a little more sense and I tried to stop worrying so much.

Maybe after all of the stress with my job, a lot of rest was what I needed. I felt an immense sense of relief after finally just saying, “I’m out.” Even though it’s a long road ahead, the decision has been made. And now, I work towards really being a writer. 100% — because that’s what is going to help pay the bills.

Wish me luck. :)

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