it’s not so bad

I don’t have a lot of time to post this week, due to connection issues (as in, I only have a sloooooooow one). But just to update on things, the trip out wasn’t horrible. The people in security were fairly helpful, telling me what I needed to do.

United didn’t allow me to pre-board, which sucked a lot. But other passengers were patient, even offering to help when they saw my hands were full and I was trying to maneuver a stroller (and fold it up) with a baby strapped to my person.

The minimal amount of space in airline seats? Really sucks. If I could afford first class, I totally would fly it. It would make such a different in comfort. On one leg of the trip a guy put his seat all the way back. My knees hit his seat and I was pinned down. There was no way I could get up and out of my seat, especially not with the baby on my lap. I asked him nicely to move his seat up a little and he kindly did so.

The baby refused to eat during takeoff, so the nursing part then was a moot point. But I did nurse later on the flight and things were fine. My seat mate was a mom and she was cool. We had an empty seat between us which was so nice. No empty seat on the 2nd flight, but the kid slept the entire time (mercifully).

He was an absolute trooper. Got a little fussy once until his ear popped (I gave him his binkie since he didn’t want to eat). Other than that, he was fine.

I’m pretty sure this is a little disjointed, and for that I apologize. It’s late, and I need to get to sleep. Let’s hope the trip home goes smoothly. It’s uncomfortable, feeling like a sardine anyway and having a baby in tow, but at least it’s a fairly short trip.

I think I’d rather drive, even if it’s more than 4 times longer. At least there I can stretch my legs.

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