why does the farmer want a wife?

I got sucked into “Farmer Wants a Wife” on the CW network tonight. My interest was mostly in the fact that the guy is from Missouri (so am I, in case you didn’t know) and I wanted to see how he — and small town life — is portrayed.

I know it can be done. I know a city-slicker girl can move to a farm and love it. Ree did it. Many others have, too. But I am just so skeptical of all of this. If he really is a down-to-earth farmin’ Missouri boy, what the heck is he doing on a reality show looking for a wife? I don’t understand why anyone would put themselves through that.

I know, I’m taking this way too seriously. I can’t help it – I just want to make sure that the small town kid isn’t made to look like a completely backwards redneck by the big Hollywood-types. That, and I love watching the city girls curl up their noses when they have to do some real work. Heh.

I hate reality shows. And here I am, watching one. (two episodes, even) I must go hang my head in shame now. And try to sweep up and dust off those IQ points that I lost. They must be around here somewhere…

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  1. Linda says:

    I also watched Farmer Wants A Wife and loved it. I am also from a small town in Arkansas
    and since I left way back I have lived in Memphis, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, California
    to name a few and now I am back in Arkansas in a small thriving community where they
    are busy drilling for gas. Seems that Arkansas has lots of it under the farm and cattle land.
    I can see why a woman would love to find a good down-to-earth farm boy. I wish I had
    found one years ago instead of the city slicker I ended up with. There is lots to say about
    a man on a tractor.