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it’s not so bad

I don’t have a lot of time to post this week, due to connection issues (as in, I only have a sloooooooow one). But just to update on things, the trip out wasn’t horrible. The people in security were fairly helpful, telling me what I needed to do.

United didn’t allow me to pre-board, which sucked a lot. But other passengers were patient, even offering to help when they saw my hands were full and I was trying to maneuver a stroller (and fold it up) with a baby strapped to my person.

The minimal amount of space in airline seats? Really sucks. If I could afford first class, I totally would fly it. It would make such a different in comfort. On one leg of the trip a guy put his seat all the way back. My knees hit his seat and I was pinned down. There was no way I could get up and out of my seat, especially not with the baby on my lap. I asked him nicely to move his seat up a little and he kindly did so.


breastfeeding while traveling

I’m doing some research for my upcoming trip. I really don’t think there will be any problems when I try to feed my son on the plane, but I want to be prepared just in case.

Unfortunately, United doesn’t have any posted policies on their site about allowing breastfeeding. I found some news stories from an incident in 2006 where United stated that their company policy allows breastfeeding on the plane. I would hope so, considering they encourage moms to feed their children during take-off and landing. I’d love to have something from them that I could print out and take with me, but I couldn’t find any references that I could show to any flight attendants.

I also couldn’t find anything on TSA’s site, except a note that breastfeeding moms can take quantities of breast milk and juice greater than 3 oz. if they declare them for inspection separately from their 1-quart zip bag of liquids. That’s good, but I’ll be traveling for 4 hours plus layovers and won’t really have a way to keep the milk cool. (I know you can keep milk up to 10 hours, but that would have to be freshly expressed. My flight leaves at 7 am and you’re crazy if you think I’m going to get up at 4 to pump.)

But I did find a listing that summarizes breastfeeding laws in the 50 states. And since they should have to follow the laws in the state that the flight originates in, I should be okay.

I really hope that prepping beforehand will mean that there are no hassles and I won’t have to worry about it.

the terror continues, or, I quit

snuggle bugI just did something I haven’t really done before. I just quit my job. And I don’t have another job lined up either, except for my writing.

I gave my notice at work today. I offered to continue to work until they can find someone to replace me. I’m not sure if they’ll take m up on that. If they do, I could be working part-time for another couple of months. If the business office decides that they would rather keep the cost savings, well, I’m out of a job come mid-June.

If I hadn’t mentioned it, I’m just a little scared. I have some writing, but I haven’t yet lined up enough to replace my income. I’m working on it, though.

But I had to do it. I just had to. My family is more important. It’ll be a struggle in the beginning, but we’ll make it. The smile my little boy gives me each morning more than makes up for it.

So I’m not unemployed, just changing venues. It looks like I’m officially a writer and nothing else. I’m scared, yet excited.

why does the farmer want a wife?

I got sucked into “Farmer Wants a Wife” on the CW network tonight. My interest was mostly in the fact that the guy is from Missouri (so am I, in case you didn’t know) and I wanted to see how he — and small town life — is portrayed.

I know it can be done. I know a city-slicker girl can move to a farm and love it. Ree did it. Many others have, too. But I am just so skeptical of all of this. If he really is a down-to-earth farmin’ Missouri boy, what the heck is he doing on a reality show looking for a wife? I don’t understand why anyone would put themselves through that.

I know, I’m taking this way too seriously. I can’t help it – I just want to make sure that the small town kid isn’t made to look like a completely backwards redneck by the big Hollywood-types. That, and I love watching the city girls curl up their noses when they have to do some real work. Heh.

I hate reality shows. And here I am, watching one. (two episodes, even) I must go hang my head in shame now. And try to sweep up and dust off those IQ points that I lost. They must be around here somewhere…

just chillin’

the baby, resting in his daddy\'s armsThe kid and I spent most of the afternoon under the a/c. It was a tremendous help.

I’m trying hard to relax about all the things going on – work and money. But I’m still stressing about what we’re going to do. We’re trying to work things out. The kid still needs his shots and we have to work out childcare issues. Like I’ve said, he needs some transition into it – he’s never been left with anyone. We thought we could work our schedules out to where one of us was always here. But that causes problems with J’s job.

Daycare is so expensive. We’re talking about half my salary, people. Half! That’s why I wanted to work part-time. It’d be about the same but we could work out the coverage that way. We can’t for full-time work. Not unless J gets a different job or cuts way back on his hours to be home during the day. I’m not willing to ask him to do that. I’m the one who’s not ready to be away from our son. more…

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i could really use a money tree

As the heat waves approach again, we decided to take drastic measures.

We went to Costco and bought a portable air conditioner. Because our windows slide horizontally, not vertically, a traditional window unit wouldn’t work. Fortunately, this one will. Unfortunately, we had to sit it on a corner of my desk, which is in front of the window.

But I’ve decided I’ll gladly give up some desk space to have a cool room in the house. Our electric bill is going to go up tremendously, we’re sure. Having a happy baby, though, is pretty worth it. He’s quite warm-blooded, just like his daddy. But like me, he doesn’t take the heat so well. Poor kid – that’s a bad combo.

We hung a curtain in front of our bedroom door, to keep most of the air in there. It won’t cool the whole apartment – it’s not that big. So now it looks like we have some sort of boudoir thing going on. Well, it would, except the curtain is just remnant material. With psychedelic frogs all over it. Because we’re all about the sexay here. Um, yeah.

Still, I am sooooo thankful for this darn a/c. It’ll make the summer a lot more tolerable. Even if we’ll be paying it off until next summer.

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laughter can be the best medicine

Things have been slightly stressful here at casa de misspriss. We’ve had some financial setbacks that aren’t pretty. If I were actually working full-time, they would be tough, but we’d be back on our feet in a month, possibly two. Right now, it’s going to take much longer than that.

In addition to working outside the home, I’m working on my writing business as well. It’s going great. But I need more work. Trying to deal with that, keep up with the writing I do have, keep up with my job and the stuff going on there, care for my son (and actually be present), and somewhere in there actually spend some time with my husband… well, they’re starting to take their toll.

Tonight, we had the TV on. J was playing with the kid and watching a show while I did some writing. There was one unexpected moment in the show involving hypnosis, a bell, and clucking like a chicken. It tickled us a little just because we weren’t watching for it. And later, J was trying to make noises for the baby, but one of them didn’t come out right. And the harder he tried, the more he messed up. And before you know it, we’re both laughing so hard that neither one of us can make the noise.

It’s our banter and just being silly once in a while that keep me from cracking.

My husband is a funny guy. And I can even be funny sometimes, too. (I just wish I could translate that better onto paper.) More than that, though, I’m grateful that we can laugh together. After ten years, he still makes me laugh, still makes me sigh at his thoughtfulness and tenderness. But don’t tell him that. Let’s just keep him guessing.*

I didn’t realize I needed laughter tonight, but I did. It’s a much better way to start the weekend than the way I was headed.

*He reads this, so he’s going to see it eventually. ;)

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The Today Show fails again

today show screencapI’m at home with my boy every morning (mostly). I have the opportunity to watch the Today Show, I guess. I tried a few times but I always wind up changing the channel, wondering who their audience is. Because it certainly isn’t me. Really, what do they have to say to a 30-something mom with a split career, two cats, a grown daughter, an infant and a husband? Answer: not much.

So it should come as no surprise at how badly they dropped the ball on their mommyblogger segment. Oh, the taped part wasn’t so bad, except Kristen comes off looking like a remorseless duck thief (she’s not) and Mir apparently is rolling in the dough from her blog (she’s not). But both are hardworking moms and writers. Not enough time was spent looking at that angle.

And then there’s Kathie Lee’s botched interview with Heather Armstrong. A technophobe, interviewing a blogger. Better yet, a woman who has yammered on excessively about her personal life, on national TV no less, who feels that it’s strange to blog about your child. On the internet. Pot? Meet kettle. more…

happy mother’s day

My new favorite pictureI’ve been thinking a lot about being a mom. Things at work have had me reconsidering my role as a wife, mother, and employee. But that’s really another post for later. It’s the mother thing I want to talk about.

You see, I’ve been a “second” mom for ten years. My stepdaughter already has a mom, so that puts me in a secondary role in a lot of ways. I consider her my daughter, always have. Yet there’s a difference when you’re the primary mom, when you are the one who must take care of the most basic of needs for your child. While I had to care for her when her dad was out to sea, I still wasn’t really considered the parent.

But for the wee boy, I am. I’m there when he wakes up. When he cries. When he goes to sleep. And it gives me great joy to do so. These moments in time will only happen once for this small boy and I want to cherish every one. I’m not sure if we’ll have any more kids, so this may just be my only chance. If so, I don’t want to let a moment go by without being as fully present as I possibly can.


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it just keeps getting better

Oh, now we have even more AWESOME news. But I am taking a page from Heather‘s “Be Ye Not So Stupid” maxim and won’t say much except the latest developments? Are EVEN BETTER than before. Um, yeah.

So since I can’t talk about that right now because, “Hi people from work!” I’ll come back later because I really want to talk about the Today Show’s total lack of understanding of moms and blogs. Surely you’ve already seen some of the convos about THAT.