my cats hate me

Last night, one of our cats was up on the bed with us. We just bought this little toy that is an airplane with a spinning prop on the front. It also lights up. Very cute. The baby is fascinated by the lights. The cat, however, wasn’t so sure about the noise it made. The prop is foam, so it makes a strange whirring noise when you hold it up against something. The cat backed away, clearly not liking the noise. She got to the foot of the bed, warily watching it. I moved my foot near her and made a noise at the same time. She bounced straight up a good three feet off of the bed and landed in the floor. It all happened so quickly that all J and I could do is laugh. It was the funniest darn thing we had seen all day.

Then this morning, I went into the kitchen to warm up some tea. I guess the other cat was crunching the cat food so loud that he didn’t hear me coming. I turned the corner into the kitchen and he shot across the kitchen, knocked the cabinet under the sink open, things inside flying everywhere, bounced off the cabinet and shot past me. I came back out and had to call him a few times before he would come near me. Every hair on his back was standing straight up. I tried not to laugh as I comforted him.

I think I’m going to give them both heart attacks some day. Quite possibly before they plot my demise.

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