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our little man

I just weighed the boy today. You know, it’s really scientific. I step on the scale, look at the numbers, then step off. Then I grab the boy and step back on. See? Totally accurate and scientific. The weight difference this time? Guess. Go on. I’ll wait. Do you have a number in mind? You do? Was it twenty? Yes, my not-quite four month old weighs 20 pounds. No wonder my back hurts. This weekend, we were in Long Beach at the convention center. I saw a woman walking along with her tiny baby in her Bjorn. We chatted and I asked her how old. Nine months, y’all. NINE months. My kid dwarfed him. Lawsy, this is gonna be a big boy.

We’re getting close to some milestones. He doesn’t quite reach and grab things with his hands, but he will draw things in with his hands/ arms when they get close enough. And, of course, take them straight to his mouth. Heh. He’s babbling a lot now. And getting louder. The last 3 days he has squawked a lot more than before. I recorded some of it. I suppose I could upload it so you can hear (let me know if you want me to). It’s pretty cute. At least, I think so. Sending a copy to mom and dad.

He sits up with help. We have to prop him a bit, but he loves sitting in the crook of our arms while in the bed. And the drool. Oh lord, the drool. I think he’ll be teething fairly soon.

But he is such a joy to be around. Really mellow. He does cry when he needs something, or when he’s fighting sleep. Yet I know how much worse it could be. Even when he’s grouchy, I love being around him.

Just trying to enjoy our time with the wee bugger. Here’s hoping you’re enjoying time with your little buggers, too. Happy Love Thursday.

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