Week 11 letter to my son

Dear Wee One:

Mama probably won’t write a monthly newsletter like some moms do. It will be more sporadic than that and may or may not include pictures. It doesn’t mean that Mama loves you any less than those other moms love their kids. Mama will just write to you when she feels she has something to say.

In the last 7 weeks, you’ve started to develop a personality. You’re so funny. You smile a lot, a huge, lopsided grin that cracks me up every time. And you’re starting to laugh, too. It’s my favorite sound in the whole world. Sometimes, when you’re eating, you pause and look up at me and grin before going back to eat some more. That’s my favorite part of the day. I want this time to last just a bit longer, this bond we have.

You’ve discovered how to get your hands to your mouth and you’re starting to suck on your fist. Occasionally you get your thumb in your mouth just right. But you still prefer to chew on your whole fist. But you don’t have complete control over your arms and hands. You still flail a lot and smack yourself in the noggin or scratch your face. But it’s getting less frequent.

You are drooling a lot more this week, so I wonder if we don’t have long before you start teething. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. I’m not looking forward to that only because I have a feeling it will be painful for both of us. You have strong gums and you’ve used them on Mama more than once.

You’re really starting to rock the tummy time. You get your head quite a ways off the floor. And it takes longer each time before you get mad and start voicing your frustration. It won’t be long before you can push up enough to be on all fours. Mama kinda dreads that, too. Right now you’re pretty easy to keep in one place. That will be gone soon.

And you’re babbling a lot, too. You start out cooing and lalalala-ing. And Daddy and I talk back to you to encourage you to continue. But after a while, I think you get frustrated at not making yourself understood. And then it goes from cooing to mad yelling. We try not to laugh at you, but it is pretty cute to hear you go “wah!” in anger. When it devolves into crying, though, we always stop what we’re doing and make sure you’re okay. And even when you’re mad, you are still a joy to be around.

We love spending time with you. In just a few short weeks, Mama is going to have to go back to work. And she really isn’t happy about that. But her job provides the insurance, so she has no choice. She would spend all day playing with you and going places if she could. In fact, she’s working hard to find freelance writing work so she won’t have to leave more than part time to work. Mama has decided that you’re the best thing (next to Daddy) that’s ever happened to her and she wants to enjoy the time when you’re so small. It all goes by so fast.

We look forward to watching you grow and learn, Wee One. And I know I won’t be able to call you that for much longer. You’re already fitting your 3-6 month clothes quite well and have been for a few weeks. You’re probably gonna be a tall guy, just like Daddy.

We love you so much, Little One.


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