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dealing with mommy guilt

Right now, I am trying to figure out how I can unpack from our time away, clear the other clutter, and get some work done. Without feeling like I’m ignoring the baby. When he’s awake, I want to spend time with him because he’s growing so fast. If I sit him in the bouncy, or lay him on the bed propped up in his boppy, I feel like I should be talking to him or playing with him. It goes by so fast. But I also have things I need to do. Will I kick myself later for not spending enough time with him when I had the chance? Will the things I think are important now not seem so important in retrospect? I have maybe a month and a half (at most) left of leave. Then what?

How do you reconcile these things? Do you ever?

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those funny mom moments

I guess I’ll have to tell you a story, one that my husband keeps teasing me about at every opportunity. If you’re not a parent, I warn you about the images I’m about to invoke. Just saying.

When I was in the hospital, I was afraid my milk would never come in. I had a c-section and was on medication for preeclampsia, both of which can delay milk production. The Wee One was losing weight like crazy and the doctors were worried enough to have me supplement. It was a difficult time, as I felt really overwhelmed, scared and depressed about the things that were going on. I also thought I’d never get out of that damn hospital (I was there almost a week).

And now, my milk is, um, abundant. One day, I was preparing to take a shower, trying to time my window of opportunity. Unfortunately, I failed. I heard the baby crying in the other room. I was occupied at the time. And I started leaking all over the place. In order to keep the floor from getting soaked, I tried to find something to staunch the flow.

So my husband walks in to the bathroom, baby in hand, to find me in all my glory: naked and holding two dixie cups over my leaking breasts. And he laughed all the way to the kitchen, where he told my mother the story. And has since told my best friend.

What does he tell me bra size is now? Double-Dixie Cup, of course. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

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i love my bed

We are finally home. While it was nice to stop each night at a hotel to reduce fatigue, we are so glad to have our own bed tonight. The baby and daddy are both conked out. I should be, but I’m still awake right now. I’ve already unpacked the baby clothes, blankets, and a bunch of miscellaneous items. Time to try and sleep.

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She likes it!

I’m not a big, fancy mommyblogger. I have half a dozen friends that come over regularly, and new readers when I’m featured in the BlogHer ads (hi! thank you for stopping by!). I’m okay with that, because I know I’m not writing gripping stuff here. I would like to be funny. I really would. But when things are mundane, I just don’t know how to tweak it and make it funny like Mir does. Maybe I’ll figure out how to write my personal life in a way that interests others. If not, that’s okay, too. I mostly write this for me. It’s not fascinating drama by any stretch. So I don’t get the writing opportunities that always get offered to the big hitters (I understand, they’re looking for exposure, and not the kind I provide when I feed my son). And I don’t get stuff sent to me for reviews. Until recently. I’m a part of The Mom Blogs and as a larger network, they get opportunities to review stuff. And a couple of times I got to join in.

I recently tried Dawn Direct Foam. Yes, the one that they’re advertising like crazy. Actually, my husband tried it first, as he did the dishes several nights in a row. And I finally got to try it, too. I was skeptical. I always am. You know: Missouri, show me, and all that. But guess what? I did a sink and a half of dishes on one pump. You pump once onto a damp sponge. And every once in a while, add a little water, squeeze the sponge, and get going again. Now, I still have to soak my dishes if I’m not washing them right after dinner. (Washing my dishes right after dinner. Hahahahahahahaaaa! Hooooo, that was funny.) But it worked quite nicely. And it doesn’t have as much of a perfume-y smell as regular Dawn (which I’m always trying to get out of my plastic cups. Ugh!). So it’s working out well so far. We’ve washed several sinks of dishes and still have plenty left. Will I try it again next time? Actually, I will.

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During the holidays, I was fortunate to receive a sample of the new Swiffer vac via The Mom Blogs.

I wasn’t able to try the vac until after the holidays, because we were out of town for most of December. But when I got home, I decided to give it a try.

First, it’s quite easy to put together. Just a couple of quick things and you’re on your way. But you do have to charge the vac before trying it, so don’t forget that step!

I keep it just outside my (tiny) kitchen. Anytime the cats scatter their food, I just grab the swiffer vac and clean it up. It’s actually much handier than a broom and dustpan, because it picks up all those little pieces that are so hard to sweep up.

My mom has a new tile floor and she has a regular swiffer sweeper, but it doesn’t get the pieces in the grout. So I think I’ll recommend this to her. It should help her keep her tile floor cleaner.

I liked this product and would recommend it even if I hadn’t gotten the sample to try.

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homeward bound… shortly

We have to start packing tomorrow. And do laundry. Holy cow, babies make a lot of laundry. I will miss having a washer and dryer handy. I will also miss seeing my family every day. But I will not miss this mother-f’ing dial up. That is one thing I cannot wait to get back to: high speed internet. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch back up on my writing and research. And get back to reading the rest of you and commenting again. (Sorry, it still won’t make up for having to leave, though.)

We’ll leave sometime Sunday, and probably get back home sometime Tuesday. I think we’ll actually stop somewhere Sunday night or early Monday morning for some rest.

The kid is smiling a lot now. For some reason, he just thinks his grampa is hilarious. I’ve been trying to catch some video so we have it for later. And he’s just about ready to start rolling over, too. He’s working on it, and it won’t be long. Things are already moving too fast. Yikes!

I am loving it, though. He’s so much fun. I still don’t get much done, but oh, well. It’ll come with time. Disjointed writing? Probably. It’s about bedtime, and he’s still waking up once or twice at night.

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