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time screams past

Well, it’s here. My little baby is already two months old. And that means I have less than a month before I return to work (part time). What I’d rather do is work from home, which I’ll get to do for a little while. But not long enough.

Right now, I have an adorable kiddo on my lap, stretched out in his “little cutie” sleeping gown. Sometimes I tear up just looking at him, thinking about how blessed I am. And then he wakes up and screams. I wince, wipe my tears, and change or feed him. In the beginning when I was more sleep deprived, it would make me nervous. And he could sense that and it only made things worse. It made it so much harder to comfort him. So my mom would take him and after a minute he’d stop wailing. And even sleep. I wondered how she did that. And now? There are times when only mommy will do. The screaming and crying, which really aren’t that often in the scheme of things, only make me feel bad for the little guy. Unless I’m already stressed out over other things, it doesn’t bother me too much. I can only speak to how it is now. That may change if he starts crying all day and comforting doesn’t work. Because right now, when all else fails, the boob works. Who knows how long that will last? It requires that I’m constantly nearby, but it’s a (for now) sure-fire method.

And with that, I’m going to see if I can get out of the house long enough to run to the bank and deposit a check. Let’s hope all hell doesn’t break lose while I’m gone, shall we?

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