Month one: a letter to my son

I wrote a letter at the one month mark for our little one. I’m not trying to copy anyone, or do it better than those that have done it. I’m doing it because I want to remember and I want to someday show these to the little guy. I’ve had it down on paper for almost a month now, but I’m just getting around to typing it. Number two will be coming in a week or so, too.

Dear Wee One,

You’ve been with us one month now. I waited 40 weeks to meet you and I wasn’t disappointed. We had a bit of an ordeal to get here, as your birth wasn’t easy. You’ll hear the story over & over. But I hope you’ll appreciate it when you have kids.

You are so beautiful that sometimes you take my breath and all thoughts away. I can’t believe you are here, even after all the work to actually get you here. You can already control your neck somewhat. You hold your head up for short periods and can lift and turn your head when you’re on your stomach. You get more alert each day. And you’re starting to smile. Daddy, Granna, and I will do all sorts of silly things to get you to smile. And my heart bursts every time that lopsided grin and dimples appear.

You have been so greatly anticipated! Granna absolutely loves showing you off. She took you all over the courthouse while we were there and introduced you to everyone at church this past Sunday. She truly adores you, as does Grampa. While you won’t remember this time with them, they certainly will. But we’ll have pictures and video to show you.

When you are eating, I just love to rub your soft little head and stare at the expressions on your face. I love the way you scrunch your face as you stretch. But when your tiny little hand grasps my pinkie, you wrap around my finger and my heart.

I never knew how strong, how all-consuming a mother’s love can be. There’s something about being totally responsible for a helpless person that changes you. It has changed me. I refer to myself as “Mommy” and “Mama” all the time. I talk to you a lot, telling you how much we love you, but also narrating what I’m doing. You love to be talked to. And you love to dance with Mama.

I can’t believe how much our lives have changed. But I truly love it. I love spending this time with you, Daddy, Grampa and Granna. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Welcome to our world, my little one-month-old.


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