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be safe, mama!

As I find stuff relating to child safety, I’m posting them over at Safe Mama. If you haven’t visited yet, come over and take a look. We’re gathering resources and putting them in one, easy-to-use site so you don’t have to look around to find resources. We’ve already done the work so you can spend time learning instead of searching.

And if you come across something interesting, or want to contribute, let us know.

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This is the most moving piece of writing I’ve read in a long time. It jumped up and kicked me in the gut, took away my ability to breathe.

I’m not sending you there to gawk or judge. She’s my friend and I care deeply for her. But we don’t talk often enough for me to know what was going on, how bad things were for her. Of course, I wish there was something I could do, but that’s not my place either.

If you have a friend who’s struggling, talk to them. Be there the best you can. Sometimes you can’t help. But sometimes letting them know someone cares is enough. (Know that sometimes it’s not, either.) Don’t abandon them because of the “drama.” Be the friend they can count on.

Hold your friends close. Tell them you love them.

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