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i love my bed

We are finally home. While it was nice to stop each night at a hotel to reduce fatigue, we are so glad to have our own bed tonight. The baby and daddy are both conked out. I should be, but I’m still awake right now. I’ve already unpacked the baby clothes, blankets, and a bunch of miscellaneous items. Time to try and sleep.

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She likes it!

I’m not a big, fancy mommyblogger. I have half a dozen friends that come over regularly, and new readers when I’m featured in the BlogHer ads (hi! thank you for stopping by!). I’m okay with that, because I know I’m not writing gripping stuff here. I would like to be funny. I really would. But when things are mundane, I just don’t know how to tweak it and make it funny like Mir does. Maybe I’ll figure out how to write my personal life in a way that interests others. If not, that’s okay, too. I mostly write this for me. It’s not fascinating drama by any stretch. So I don’t get the writing opportunities that always get offered to the big hitters (I understand, they’re looking for exposure, and not the kind I provide when I feed my son). And I don’t get stuff sent to me for reviews. Until recently. I’m a part of The Mom Blogs and as a larger network, they get opportunities to review stuff. And a couple of times I got to join in.

I recently tried Dawn Direct Foam. Yes, the one that they’re advertising like crazy. Actually, my husband tried it first, as he did the dishes several nights in a row. And I finally got to try it, too. I was skeptical. I always am. You know: Missouri, show me, and all that. But guess what? I did a sink and a half of dishes on one pump. You pump once onto a damp sponge. And every once in a while, add a little water, squeeze the sponge, and get going again. Now, I still have to soak my dishes if I’m not washing them right after dinner. (Washing my dishes right after dinner. Hahahahahahahaaaa! Hooooo, that was funny.) But it worked quite nicely. And it doesn’t have as much of a perfume-y smell as regular Dawn (which I’m always trying to get out of my plastic cups. Ugh!). So it’s working out well so far. We’ve washed several sinks of dishes and still have plenty left. Will I try it again next time? Actually, I will.

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