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During the holidays, I was fortunate to receive a sample of the new Swiffer vac via The Mom Blogs.

I wasn’t able to try the vac until after the holidays, because we were out of town for most of December. But when I got home, I decided to give it a try.

First, it’s quite easy to put together. Just a couple of quick things and you’re on your way. But you do have to charge the vac before trying it, so don’t forget that step!

I keep it just outside my (tiny) kitchen. Anytime the cats scatter their food, I just grab the swiffer vac and clean it up. It’s actually much handier than a broom and dustpan, because it picks up all those little pieces that are so hard to sweep up.

My mom has a new tile floor and she has a regular swiffer sweeper, but it doesn’t get the pieces in the grout. So I think I’ll recommend this to her. It should help her keep her tile floor cleaner.

I liked this product and would recommend it even if I hadn’t gotten the sample to try.

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