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homeward bound… shortly

We have to start packing tomorrow. And do laundry. Holy cow, babies make a lot of laundry. I will miss having a washer and dryer handy. I will also miss seeing my family every day. But I will not miss this mother-f’ing dial up. That is one thing I cannot wait to get back to: high speed internet. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch back up on my writing and research. And get back to reading the rest of you and commenting again. (Sorry, it still won’t make up for having to leave, though.)

We’ll leave sometime Sunday, and probably get back home sometime Tuesday. I think we’ll actually stop somewhere Sunday night or early Monday morning for some rest.

The kid is smiling a lot now. For some reason, he just thinks his grampa is hilarious. I’ve been trying to catch some video so we have it for later. And he’s just about ready to start rolling over, too. He’s working on it, and it won’t be long. Things are already moving too fast. Yikes!

I am loving it, though. He’s so much fun. I still don’t get much done, but oh, well. It’ll come with time. Disjointed writing? Probably. It’s about bedtime, and he’s still waking up once or twice at night.

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