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where did the week go?

I could have sworn that I blogged more this week. Time is really going by fast.

We went to Bass Pro Shops yesterday, my husband’s favorite store around here. The baby did well – he was quiet and slept a lot. But man, did I pay for that last night. He was up every hour to hour and a half. I am so exhausted today.

I’m not yet sure how to keep him awake during the day without harassing him too much. I hope it eventually works out to where he’s more awake during the day and sleeping a few hours at night, because he was cranky. Nothing would quiet or comfort him but feeding. And when I tried to take him off, he’d start fussing again. I’m hoping this doesn’t last long. Thank goodness my hubby is around. He was a rock star this morning, taking the kid and entertaining/ distracting him so I could get a couple hours of sleep. I have to make sure I get a nap during the day when the baby does so if he stays up at night I’ll at least be a little more rested.

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