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swing out!

So the kiddo is starting to be more alert. He opens his eyes and looks around, seemingly interested in what’s going on around him. And we’ve started experimenting with the baby swing. It seems to be working for short periods of time.

I can’t believe how strong this kid is. He holds his head up – for short periods – on his own. Once in a while he tries to pull himself up with his arms when I have a good grip on his hands. His jaws are quite powerful, too. Um, ouch? And he kicks like a soccer player, especially when he’s lying on my chest and his legs are lined up with my stomach.

While I’m still getting used to being at the mercy of someone else’s demands and schedule, I do love it. I love being his mommy. And my family’s supportive, taking him when I need a break or encouraging me to nap when I can. I know this time goes so fast, so even when I’m frustrated I try to remember to just relax.

I don’t have a lot of time to write, though, right now. I feel like I’m ignoring him if I do something else, when I should be making memories. But I think I’ll eventually get into a routine that allows me to write. At least, I certainly hope so.

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