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road trip!

We left on Thursday afternoon so we could beat the incoming weather system. And we did, barely. It’s raining off & on at Mom & Dad’s, and we’re only a couple degrees away from freezing. An ice storm cometh.

Traveling with a two-week old infant is interesting. We stopped frequently to get the Wee One out of the car seat and to feed him. He did pretty well until the last 3 or 4 hours of the trip. At that point he was just DONE with the seat. He’d had enough. We had to stop much more frequently and get him out of the seat. And when he was in it, he was pretty much inconsolable. Poor little guy.

He’s enjoying the attention from Gramma, though. She is willing to hold him any time he’s awake or sleeping, and didn’t even mind when he spit up a LOT all over her (and himself).

Having Gramma and Grampa get to see the little tyke for a few weeks makes the long drive totally worth it. We’ll be taking a lot of pics to document everything. It’s good to be home.

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