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Be a Safe Mama

My friend Kathy has launched a new site called Safe Mama. She read about toy recalls and sippy cups and spent hours researching ways to keep her toddler safe. And then she realized that other parents are probably looking for this information, too. And Safe Mama was born.

She already has a bunch of great links for parents: toy recall info, car safety seat recalls, and hopes to expand to include eco-friendly, organic, and baby gear info, too. Make sure you go check it out!

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i fought a car seat and the seat won

Last night we decided to install the infant car seat in our truck, so it’ll be ready to go when “that” time comes. It’s an infant carrier with a car seat base.

I looked everywhere for the instructions. Found them in Spanish, found them for assembling the stroller that goes with it. But no installation instructions. I had to call the manufacturer today to ask for the manual. After getting stuck in a menu loop more than once, I finally talked to a rep. Know where the instructions were?

Go on. Guess.

On the underside of the seat. Between the seat and its base. But not in plain sight. Oh no, that would be easy. It was in a little cutout that nestled behind the seat straps. We looked everywhere for the manual. Now why in the hell wasn’t it sealed in the plastic bag with the stroller assembly instructions, the warranty, and the Spanish manual?

And why would they expect me to turn the damn seat over and look under the seat straps for the instructions? With no notes telling me where to look? Who thinks up these things?

We had tightened it down correctly, but I’m still not sure I’m happy with how it’s situated. We may still have to adjust it. This fight with the car seat isn’t over yet.

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15/34×365: Mr. S.

You were the sixth grade teacher. All the girls crushed on you. Unfortunately, you left just before we reached sixth. We were so disappointed that we couldn’t stare at you for a half day.

I’m participating in x365.

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14/34×365: Mrs. Brown

You were pregnant during my senior year. We teased you about having pregnancy-induced amnesia. And now, I am experiencing what you did then. Your daughter must be about 15 now. She’s probably beautiful.

I’m participating in x365.

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it ebbs and flows

Well, today was actually a good day. I didn’t sleep too late (only ‘til about 8.30) and have actually felt pretty good. Not so achy and crampy.

Had the energy to take a bunch of things to Goodwill, with hubby’s help. Did a couple of other errands together, since he got home from work early. All in all, a pretty good day. Best one since last week. Ate lunch at Bennigan’s – and we haven’t been there in ages. The food was good, so it was worth the trip (and worth using the gift certificate we had).

I have another non-stress test tomorrow, and a regular dr appt on Wednesday, where I’ll probably get checked again. But no more cervix swipes, dammit! That is on my list of “things not to do ever, ever again.” The non-stress tests really aren’t too bad. I sit in a comfy recliner, hooked up to a couple of monitors. The biggest hassle of it is just getting to the office, really. The technician is nice, and it’s low-key.

Still waiting. But don’t worry, you all will be some of the first to know, if you keep an eye on my Flickr photo stream. I’m sure we’ll have some phone pics up pretty darn quickly after the Wee One shows his little face.

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13/34×365: Larry

We went out once, right before I met J. We went to a pub that I still actually frequent. You talked lots about other girls you’d dated. Did you think that would impress me?

I’m participating in x365.

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sluggishly yours

Feeling really tired today and not sure why. I mean, yes, we did spend about 3 hours in Costco last night, but really, should that wear me out? We took our time wandering around the place. It’s called pacing. Yeah, that’s it. I waddled around behind J and my neighbor. But we picked up a few things we needed, including baby gifts for two more of my pregnant friends, while my neighbor picked up gifts for two of her pregnant friends. Wow, it seems like a baby boom in our circles.

I’ve been taking it easy. It’s overcast and rained a little today. So just some puttering, not much to say. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel more like being interesting.

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You’re gonna stick that where?

When I went to the doctor this week, she decided it’s time for a pelvic exam to see if my cervix is dilated yet. Hey, I can handle that, because I really want to know if we’re making any progress.

But then, oh why didn’t someone warn me to run away screaming after that part? Because she took her gloved finger and she swirled it around the cervix to help stimulate things a bit. She said it can keep me from going over. Oh, she said it might be a little painful and that she could stop any time.

Holy hell, I am not doing that again. I don’t care if she recommends it. I’d rather let this kid be a week late than have that done. Ever again. The entire next day I had slight cramping and uncomfortableness (yes, that’s what I would call it, and yes, i might have made that word up). I felt like crap and just basically rested most of the day. No spotting, which she said could happen, but thankfully didn’t.

Yes, I know I’m going to encounter plenty of pain when I go into labor. But I expect that from labor. Not a sore cervix from getting poked before the time has come. No way! I’ll break your finger if you try that again, lady!

I mean, really, who thinks up these things and decides they’re a good idea?

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12/34×365: Pam

I always thought you had an opera-quality voice. And I wondered why you didn’t go into singing professionally. I think you could have. But you seemed to enjoy being an at-home mom.

I’m participating in x365.

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11/34×365: Mrs. Cope

She was my first grade teacher. And my brother’s. She was a big, robust woman. I was bored while everyone else learned to read, but she was patient with me. She died years ago.

I’m participating in x365.

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