when gaining weight is good

Took the Wee One in for his first peds appointment, to weigh in and see how he’s doing. He looks great, and already weighs 9 lbs 6 oz. That means he’s close to his birth weight again, at just a week old. Awesome news! I was a bit worried in the hospital when he kept losing, wondering if he’d master breastfeeding and if I’d produce enough milk. Not so now, though. He has no problem letting me know when he’s hungry (or that he hates getting his diaper changed). And there’s no doubt I have enough milk at this point. It is such a relief to see him doing better. And I’m grateful that in the scheme of things, our problems were relatively minor.

So tonight we celebrated by having our belated Thanksgiving dinner. And I worked on balancing a plate with a nursing infant. Ah, the joys of multi-tasking. Fortunately, I only dropped a little bit of gravy on his jammies. Hardly noticeable.

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