beware of costco!

Beware of Costco, you say? Like anyone who’s been there before doesn’t know the inherent evil of walking around Costco for an hour or two. It sucks you in, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, telling you that you really need that 52-pound bag of pistachios. Or 13 bottles of carrot juice.

However, I did get a little Christmas shopping done, so it wasn’t all useless junk. And right now I am totally addicted to pomegranate arils, so I bought more this time. They are fabulous in a mixed greens salad with goat cheese. With them on the salad, you don’t even need dressing, or you can get by with one of those spritzers.

I still have to get some more things for my stepdaughter, both of my nieces, my great-niece, and my dad. Although mom and dad don’t really need anything, I like finding little items that they may not be able to get back home. All of the kid gifts may just wait until we get to Missouri and I’ll do my shopping while we’re there. I’m not in any hurry.

Neither is this kid, apparently. I was having some contractions early Wednesday morning, but they were short. Nothing really since then. He’s probably going to be like me – likes to sleep in and take his time when getting around to doing things. That will be a fun test of both mommy & daddy’s patience. Yeah, it’ll totally serve me right. Heh.

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