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i fought a car seat and the seat won

Last night we decided to install the infant car seat in our truck, so it’ll be ready to go when “that” time comes. It’s an infant carrier with a car seat base.

I looked everywhere for the instructions. Found them in Spanish, found them for assembling the stroller that goes with it. But no installation instructions. I had to call the manufacturer today to ask for the manual. After getting stuck in a menu loop more than once, I finally talked to a rep. Know where the instructions were?

Go on. Guess.

On the underside of the seat. Between the seat and its base. But not in plain sight. Oh no, that would be easy. It was in a little cutout that nestled behind the seat straps. We looked everywhere for the manual. Now why in the hell wasn’t it sealed in the plastic bag with the stroller assembly instructions, the warranty, and the Spanish manual?

And why would they expect me to turn the damn seat over and look under the seat straps for the instructions? With no notes telling me where to look? Who thinks up these things?

We had tightened it down correctly, but I’m still not sure I’m happy with how it’s situated. We may still have to adjust it. This fight with the car seat isn’t over yet.

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15/34×365: Mr. S.

You were the sixth grade teacher. All the girls crushed on you. Unfortunately, you left just before we reached sixth. We were so disappointed that we couldn’t stare at you for a half day.

I’m participating in x365.

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