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13/34×365: Larry

We went out once, right before I met J. We went to a pub that I still actually frequent. You talked lots about other girls you’d dated. Did you think that would impress me?

I’m participating in x365.

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sluggishly yours

Feeling really tired today and not sure why. I mean, yes, we did spend about 3 hours in Costco last night, but really, should that wear me out? We took our time wandering around the place. It’s called pacing. Yeah, that’s it. I waddled around behind J and my neighbor. But we picked up a few things we needed, including baby gifts for two more of my pregnant friends, while my neighbor picked up gifts for two of her pregnant friends. Wow, it seems like a baby boom in our circles.

I’ve been taking it easy. It’s overcast and rained a little today. So just some puttering, not much to say. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel more like being interesting.

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