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You’re gonna stick that where?

When I went to the doctor this week, she decided it’s time for a pelvic exam to see if my cervix is dilated yet. Hey, I can handle that, because I really want to know if we’re making any progress.

But then, oh why didn’t someone warn me to run away screaming after that part? Because she took her gloved finger and she swirled it around the cervix to help stimulate things a bit. She said it can keep me from going over. Oh, she said it might be a little painful and that she could stop any time.

Holy hell, I am not doing that again. I don’t care if she recommends it. I’d rather let this kid be a week late than have that done. Ever again. The entire next day I had slight cramping and uncomfortableness (yes, that’s what I would call it, and yes, i might have made that word up). I felt like crap and just basically rested most of the day. No spotting, which she said could happen, but thankfully didn’t.

Yes, I know I’m going to encounter plenty of pain when I go into labor. But I expect that from labor. Not a sore cervix from getting poked before the time has come. No way! I’ll break your finger if you try that again, lady!

I mean, really, who thinks up these things and decides they’re a good idea?

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12/34×365: Pam

I always thought you had an opera-quality voice. And I wondered why you didn’t go into singing professionally. I think you could have. But you seemed to enjoy being an at-home mom.

I’m participating in x365.

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