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11/34×365: Mrs. Cope

She was my first grade teacher. And my brother’s. She was a big, robust woman. I was bored while everyone else learned to read, but she was patient with me. She died years ago.

I’m participating in x365.

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my cat is a nutcase

I think the kitties like having someone home with them. They still get into stuff, but it’s not quite as bad. They actually stayed in bed with us most of the night, which is a first. I only had to kick them out of the bedroom after J went to work.

I hear the girl, Stinker(bell) getting into something. I look over, and she found a plastic jar that normally holds bungee cords. And her head is stuck in it. I can’t help but start laughing. In fact, I ran to get the camera. No, I didn’t pull it off of her head. It wasn’t hurting her and she wasn’t having trouble breathing. So I grabbed J’s camera and took a couple of shots. I’m sure they’re pretty crappy, because I was laughing pretty hard. She didn’t run away, though, and I was able to get it off of her. It came off quite easily.

That cat is nuts, I tell you.

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