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7/34×365: Armando

You were a huge flirt. I was flattered, young, and didn’t know better. I thought it was harmless—found out the hard way it wasn’t. I wonder how many people were laughing at me?

I’m participating in x365. Won’t you?

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impossible to avoid B.O.B.

When you’re 38 weeks pregnant, it’s hard to avoid Baby On Brain (B.O.B.). Really, if you hadn’t already noticed, a lot of stuff here has been all-baby, all-the-time. I just can’t help it. It has taken over my body, my brain, and the house. I don’t know if there’s even a way to avoid it. Maybe not.

I am trying, though. My life has lately consisted of getting ready for baby, so I have been utterly and completely boring. I’ll try to think of something else to talk about. Soon. Like how much I’m looking forward to going back to see family during the holidays. Yes, that’s kinda baby-related, too, but it’s more than that. Really, it is.

No, it IS. I promise.

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