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and now, we wait

Thursday I went to the doctor. She had reviewed my ultrasound and things are looking good. As I said, baby’s measuring right where he should. He’s head down, but not yet fully engaged (I don’t think). Next week – I’m up to weekly appointments now – she’ll check to see if I’m dilated yet.

So now, we wait. As long as my blood sugar numbers stay within range, the boy will get to appear when he’s ready. However, the latest she’ll let me go is week 41. So I figure the latest date will be around the 27th (or so). But I still have a feeling he’ll come before that. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I’m trying to convince the Wee One that he at least needs to wait another week or so for my sake. I need some time off. I know a lot of people who went into labor their last day of work. For me, that would suck.

But hey, I have no control over it. Whatever happens, happens.

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5/34×365: Jason Clark

You wore glasses, like I did. At recess one day, you ran headlong into the chain link fence. It cut open your trachea and all we could do was freeze. We were only nine.

I’m participating in x365.

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