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Secrets of pregnancy

There are so many things about pregnancy that people don’t tell you. I suppose they would if they could, but there are some things that you have to experience for yourself to understand. Like sex – how do you explain how it feels to someone who’s never done it? Or skydiving? Pregnancy is the same way. You can imagine it, you can empathize with someone who’s pregnant. But until you’ve gone through it you don’t get it. It’s not your fault. There’s really no other way.

I have yet to reach that final culmination of pregnancy – the birth. We’re almost there. It could happen anytime in the next three and a half weeks (I’m due in about 2 1/2). I have learned so much about my body, about what it can handle and how it can adapt to things I never even thought of. I respect her, and hope I’m not putting too much of a strain on her. Yet if I have, I know that seeing my precious boy’s face will erase all of that.

The Braxton-Hicks contractions have reached the often and uncomfortable stage. Hell, I admit it. Sometimes, they downright hurt, but usually only when the Wee One starts pushing back. I guess he doesn’t like getting pressed in on (by the contractions). I probably wouldn’t either. But neither do I necessarily like him pressing out. Right now, his butt/ back is on one side of my abdomen and his foot is on the other. And I think he’s trying to see just how far apart he can get them.

At this point, I’m getting tired. And very grateful to see the beginning of maternity leave approaching. There’s not really any way that someone could have described how I feel at this point. I run into other mothers and they smile knowingly at my slow, waddling gait. They hold the elevator, hold the door, ask how I’m doing. They care, and I can see it in their concerned faces. They’ve been there. They know. They are the ones that give me a seat on the bus or make room for me, not the self-absorbed college students. And not many of the men. It’s the mothers.

Because the mothers are the ones that know the secrets of pregnancy. And while they can’t necessarily explain everything to you—who’d believe it?! They know. And for some reason, knowing that they know helps. I guess that’s another secret of pregnancy that I just can’t explain.

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4/34×365: Jimmy

We lost you from a freak drowning accident when you were 17. You were the best swimmer we knew. I’m not sure if your mother ever got over it.  Maybe none of us did.

I’m participating in x365.

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