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my heart is full

Right now, both of my boys are asleep beside me. They look so sweet together. I look over, see them, and my heart almost bursts with love and thankfulness. Right now, life is beautiful. I am tucking these memories away. I can’t help the sap – I feel like crying right now from how full my love is. This Thanksgiving was so good to me. It really was worth it and in spite of all the uncertainty—and pain—I would do it again.

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when gaining weight is good

Took the Wee One in for his first peds appointment, to weigh in and see how he’s doing. He looks great, and already weighs 9 lbs 6 oz. That means he’s close to his birth weight again, at just a week old. Awesome news! I was a bit worried in the hospital when he kept losing, wondering if he’d master breastfeeding and if I’d produce enough milk. Not so now, though. He has no problem letting me know when he’s hungry (or that he hates getting his diaper changed). And there’s no doubt I have enough milk at this point. It is such a relief to see him doing better. And I’m grateful that in the scheme of things, our problems were relatively minor.

So tonight we celebrated by having our belated Thanksgiving dinner. And I worked on balancing a plate with a nursing infant. Ah, the joys of multi-tasking. Fortunately, I only dropped a little bit of gravy on his jammies. Hardly noticeable.

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where to begin?

I have so much to say about the last week. Really I do. I’m hoping to find some time to get the thoughts down on paper, though. It’s been tough to get a coherent thought. But I do want to write this down before I forget the details. This kid will never live down his birth story, I guarantee. It’ll probably be told every Thanksgiving from now to eternity. wink

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we’re home

long, drawn-out story coming soon. what started as a routine dr visit ended in a week’s hospital stay. everyone’s fine, just tired. glad to be home. details to follow. see flickr for pic.

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Today’s the day… or not

Yeah, um, still waiting. Today is/ was my due date. Yes, I know it’s just an estimate.

My ultrasound today was good. We got a great shot of his face and holy cow, people, this kid is going to look just like his dad. And, uh, considering he’s a boy and all, that’s a good thing. Seriously, he has his dad’s brow line and nose. I’m pretty sure of it.

But he still doesn’t want to confirm that by MAKING A FREAKING APPEARANCE ANYTIME IN 2007. No, I’m not going to be pregnant forever. But I might be pregnant until the end of November at this rate.

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mostly the same old stuff

When you’re around me in person, I’m rarely at a loss for words. I can find something to talk about. I don’t mind sitting in silence, either, but I never really feel that I have absolutely nothing to say to someone. That’s because I try to surround myself with interesting people. And when someone is interesting to you, you can always find words, even if it’s just to ask them what they’ve been up to.

But tonight, I’m mostly at a loss to find something new. I keep talking about the same thing over and over, because it really is consuming my life right now. I’m trying to find things to say and do that will help keep my mind off the fact that this kid refuses to show his face. Now, he’s not technically late yet, so there’s plenty of time for him to show. But each night, it gets harder to find a comfortable position for sleep. And each night, little aches, pains, and twinges keep me awake. But it’s the nature of the beast, and it’ll be over soon. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Last night, I was absolutely delighted to find that this lovely woman was not only in town, but free for dinner. We had Mexican food and delightful conversation. It was a nice change of pace from sitting at home and waiting for something to happen. Heather, I hope we get to do it again sometime.

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39W5D and counting

Not much going on right now. Feeling some occasional twinges, which means things are changing and getting ready. But no real signs that labor’s going to start again. That’s okay, it happens when it happens, right?

I’m really hoping this will be my last belly pic, though:


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Welcome to the world, Wee One

I’m in the process of writing a letter of welcome for our Wee Boy, whenever he makes his appearance. I will post it when I’m done, as I think it’s going to take some time before it’s ready. I’m not even sure of what I want to say, only that I want to let him know some of my thoughts as we await his arrival. I want him to know how much we love him and are excited to see him.

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so THAT’S what a contraction feels like

I finally started having some contractions tonight. But they’ve been starting and stopping, no regularity. But at least it seems like things are starting to move a bit. (Although I realize this could go off & on for a while.) Unfortunately, my best friend is going to be out of town for the next week, so she won’t get to be at the hospital with us, unless the Wee One is a week late.

Went for a long walk late this evening. Lower back hurt the entire time, but not really any contractions since then. Just tired at this point. C’mon kiddo! Okay, not really. Whenever you’re ready, Wee One.

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beware of costco!

Beware of Costco, you say? Like anyone who’s been there before doesn’t know the inherent evil of walking around Costco for an hour or two. It sucks you in, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, telling you that you really need that 52-pound bag of pistachios. Or 13 bottles of carrot juice.

However, I did get a little Christmas shopping done, so it wasn’t all useless junk. And right now I am totally addicted to pomegranate arils, so I bought more this time. They are fabulous in a mixed greens salad with goat cheese. With them on the salad, you don’t even need dressing, or you can get by with one of those spritzers.

I still have to get some more things for my stepdaughter, both of my nieces, my great-niece, and my dad. Although mom and dad don’t really need anything, I like finding little items that they may not be able to get back home. All of the kid gifts may just wait until we get to Missouri and I’ll do my shopping while we’re there. I’m not in any hurry.

Neither is this kid, apparently. I was having some contractions early Wednesday morning, but they were short. Nothing really since then. He’s probably going to be like me – likes to sleep in and take his time when getting around to doing things. That will be a fun test of both mommy & daddy’s patience. Yeah, it’ll totally serve me right. Heh.

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