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and finally, some good pregnancy news

Had an ultrasound today and the results were good. Wee One is right on track, growing how he should, in the range he should. Heartbeat is strong and has the requisite 4 ventricles (always a good thing). He’s around 6 1/2 pounds (keeping in mind that an ultrasound can’t really tell how much he weighs). Movement is excellent (translation: he a wiggle worm), too.

This is such a huge relief for us. He’s not too big and he’s on track. So what if I think he might be ahead of schedule. He might not. As of now, he’s measuring around 36 1/2 weeks, right where he should be.

I’ll take that. If he doesn’t show for another three weeks or so, I’m totally okay with that. And I’m glad to know the hard work is paying off. Now, it’s just time to pack the bags and wait. I’ve said this way too many times, but I am looking forward to seeing him. I’m excited about it, in fact. I think we’re almost ready.

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