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History repeats what we don’t want it to

Yesterday, the air quality started rapidly going downhill. Looks like we have several wildfires going in SoCal. And let me tell you, this reminds me way to much of events from four years ago. It’s a little too similar for comfort.

Right now, I am at home. I will be doing my work from here, rather than going in. However, since I’m not really that far from campus, I doubt that the air will be better here than it is there. Oh boy, here we go again. I remember all too well being trapped in my house with no air and no ability to open windows for a week. And with the baby on the way soon, a respiratory infection certainly won’t help things. So I’m hoping it doesn’t get that bad this time.

Uh, if this sounds a little disjointed, it’s because I am a bit right now. I sure do wish/ hope/ pray for some rain and less wind right now.

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