how about a do-over

This is how my day went. I got to work and checked my email. There’s a notice from my CC company that my card is over limit. WTF? It can’t be, I hardly use it. So I go look at the current activity and find almost $3500 in charges to a foreign air company. I don’t physically use this card anymore. It’s set for auto payment for a few bills. I haven’t touched the thing since June. So I don’t know how it got stolen (still have the card). I called to cancel, and they didn’t give me a hassle. But I have to send in a notarized affidavit at some point.

I won’t talk about work stuff but to say that part of it sucked. I think I hate email right now.

At lunch, I guess I wasn’t ready to eat as I threw my pizza halfway across the room. It landed face down, of course.

And when I got home, I wished I hadn’t opened the mail. My car tags are due soon, but I have to go to a test-only station for a smog test this time. My driver’s license is also due for renewal, but I have to go in and get my pic and thumbprint taken. Additionally, the lab didn’t like my glucose test results from last week, so now I have to go in for a THREE HOUR glucose test. And they will take my blood FOUR TIMES during that three hours. Have I mentioned how much I hate getting blood drawn? Oh, and I have to fast for EIGHT hours beforehand. Can you tell I’m a little perturbed at this turn of events?

Hump day, indeed.


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