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how about a do-over

This is how my day went. I got to work and checked my email. There’s a notice from my CC company that my card is over limit. WTF? It can’t be, I hardly use it. So I go look at the current activity and find almost $3500 in charges to a foreign air company. I don’t physically use this card anymore. It’s set for auto payment for a few bills. I haven’t touched the thing since June. So I don’t know how it got stolen (still have the card). I called to cancel, and they didn’t give me a hassle. But I have to send in a notarized affidavit at some point.

I won’t talk about work stuff but to say that part of it sucked. I think I hate email right now.

At lunch, I guess I wasn’t ready to eat as I threw my pizza halfway across the room. It landed face down, of course.

And when I got home, I wished I hadn’t opened the mail. My car tags are due soon, but I have to go to a test-only station for a smog test this time. My driver’s license is also due for renewal, but I have to go in and get my pic and thumbprint taken. Additionally, the lab didn’t like my glucose test results from last week, so now I have to go in for a THREE HOUR glucose test. And they will take my blood FOUR TIMES during that three hours. Have I mentioned how much I hate getting blood drawn? Oh, and I have to fast for EIGHT hours beforehand. Can you tell I’m a little perturbed at this turn of events?

Hump day, indeed.


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roll me

I think my blog roll is starting to get a bit too long for my front page. And I haven’t even added all of the fabulous women I met at BlogHer. So I think it’s time to relegate it to a page and just link it. I hate to hide it, but I just can’t see keeping such a long list in my side bar. It should be a link that you can follow.

Do you see yourself on the list? If you don’t, e-mail me. If you’re a reader I’m happy to add you to it.

Things are crazy around here, so it’s hard to find time to blog here. However, I’ll do my best to drop in and let you know what’s happening. I’m sure you’re waiting on the edge of your seat. smile

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