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kalifornia rednecks

Let me tell y’all somethin’. I’m from redneck country. To be more specific, I’m from hillbilly country. I grew up in the Ozarks, home of Ma & Pa Kettle, Shepherd of the Hills, the Baldnobbers, a few Hatfields & McCoys, and good ole Branson. I still have a lot of family back in that area. A lot of family.

I never really thought of my neighbors and extended family as unsophisticated or backwards. They just were what they were. Now, they aren’t really backwards. They have ‘lectricity, plumbin’, teevees and even satellites. But things are different there. They’re… simpler. You get by with less, you “make do” with what you have. Sometimes, it includes “gerry-rigging” (not to be confused with jury-rigging) things to get them to work. Duct tape, WD-40 and JB weld are a hillbilly’s essential tools. I’m not kidding. We always had duct tape and WD-40 around. And not just because Dad built houses and actually used duct tape for … ducts.

So while no one I knew actually owned one of these contraptions, I totally know people who would do this. Not any of my family of course. Some of those other families. What I could not believe was that I actually saw this heading into La Jolla. That’s the snooty part of San Diego, y’all. I wonder how far they got before they got a ticket for one thing or another? I’m not sure; hubby & I were too busy laughing. See for yourself:


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