i love lamp

Remember the stinky lamp incident? We went lamp hunting yesterday, hoping to find a replacement. All day long, J tells me “I love lamp.”

We started off at a lamp store, a local place in the furniture district. They had a couple of reasonably priced items. but nothing that we really liked. (Although J was kindof partial to one that had a lava lamp built in. I don’t think it would be a good idea with cats and a kid around.) Since we had time, we went on to another store in the district.

Oh my word, was that a mistake! An older lady greeted us at the door. You know the old women with tons of makeup, leopard-print clothing, and an ostentatious sense of style?  Well, there she was. We should have known by her clothes and jewelry that we wouldn’t find anything suitable. Remember Carol Channing? Cross her with a pug and I think you would have a close resemblance to this woman (no offense to Carol Channing, really).

The first lamp we saw was tall and black with a frosted blue glass cover. It was one of those that has the light source pointing toward the ceiling. I looked down at the tag: $1783.00. I thought the decimal was misplaced for a moment. And then we looked around at more. $850. $1200. Lamps from Germany. Spain.

Not what we’re looking for.

As we drove away, trying to figure out where else to go, we settled on Ikea. I needed a couple of things from there anyway. I do wish they would run their AC a little higher on hot days, but it was better than being outside. And instead of just the 2 things we went in for, we left with 2 lamps, a bedside table, and drawer organizers.

Why can’t we just go in and get 2 things? Well, it wasn’t as bad as a Costco trip, thank goodness. And I got some good ideas for a kitchen whenever we get our own place—if we ever do. Today, it’s not quite as warm, so we’re staying away from shopping, unless it’s the grocery store (which is within walking distance). Our bank account needs a rest. So do I. smile

But if a friend with air conditioning calls and invites us over, I think I can summon the energy to go visit. I’m just sayin’.

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