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mom guilt

Sometimes I feel bad when I’m not eating the most healthy things during my pregnancy. I have a sweet tooth right now, one that I’ve never had before. I’m not much of a sweet foods person. But recently? I want cookies, brownies, ice cream… all kinds of junk. And then I worry about not eating enough salad, getting the right amount of veggies each day. And while I don’t drink coffee any longer (occasionally I’ll have some decaf), I do still have tea and pop (soda).

While I try not to berate myself, I also wonder if I’m doing things correctly. And if something does go wrong later, will I blame myself for it? I’ve been a (step) mom for a long time now. But this is the first child I’ve carried myself. Will I continually second-guess myself, or will I eventually just decide all I can do is my best?

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