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sweet dreams

I worked on my freelance site before I went to bed, trying to figure out how to format the home page, what links to have, and what services to list.

Apparently I was thinking quite hard on this, even as my eyes drooped from tiredness. I put my computer away and got ready to sleep, still thinking a bit about the site. And then I dreamed about it all night long.

The words services, portfolio, writing, business writer, terms, fees, and samples danced in my head. They weren’t nearly as entertaining as visions of sugarplums, let me tell you that.

Clearly, I need to finish this up so I can move on to getting some additional work. At least if I’m thinking of a piece of writing, I might compose it in my sleep. Unless I can convince the dancing sugarplums to stick around. Of course, with my luck, I’d wake up with a toothache.

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