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it’s the networking. no, really

I swear I went to BlogHer for the networking and contacts. I didn’t go at all to watch people drink, laugh, and have a good time. Honestly, I didn’t.

Neither did she.

picture of SJ with her schwag

You can find the other photos at Flickr. (I didn’t take but four pictures this time. So unlike a shutterbug like me.)

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recaps coming soon

I’ll post recaps and linky-love later this week. I am so tired after the trip – today has been a recovery day. Hopefully before my memory fades, I’ll talk about who and what I got to see. I didn’t take many pictures this time. It’s harder to lug a camera around when you can’t just drop it back in your room anytime you want. But more on that later.

I also need to do a bit of cleanup and linking on my live blog posts, too. So I’ll be trying to get everything in order this week.

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Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer 07

I’m currently in the closing keynote, listening to Elizabeth Edwards answer questions from the audience. I can’t keep up and live blog it, but I’m sure there are many people who are writing about this right now.

I have a lot of link love to leave when I get home. I won’t have time tonight, because of the party. And my plane leaves around 7 in the morning (what was I thinking?!), so I won’t get to it in the morning either. I met a lot of great women, and saw some old friends, too. There were some traveling snafus, but over all, it has been a great conference. I hope to recap as soon as possible.

If you got my card and you’re stopping by – HI! I loved meeting and talking to each and every one of you. Looking forward to visiting everyone’s blogs/ sites.

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Professional Blogging: Ways and Means – Live Blogging

Moderator: Arieanna Schweber

Panel: Jody DeVere, Paula Neal Mooney, Stefania Pomponi Buter, Chloe Spencer (I’ll link to their info later)

What does pro blogging mean? Many ways.

Arieanna – she’s a pro. B5 media entertainment. She writes 13 sites and manages 57 sites.

Jody – pres of Ask Patty automotive info for women. They blog about all things automotive.

Paula – her own site. Help other bloggers to monetize site & increase readers.

Stefania – editor for, and mommyblogger

Chloe – Neo pets fanatics

How did you first realize this was something you wanted to do and when did you start making money off of it.

Jody – strategy was to go out of mainstream; get brand out quickly by launching the blog.

Paula – started on blogger for links to give editors. She caught the bug & learned ads make money on blogs. Recently changed focus to create a list of blogger salaries.

Stefania – in a playgroup w/editor at weblogs inc. Both were blogging and she hired Stefania. No plan or vision or strategy. It just happened.

Chloe – started off as neo pet fanatics. Her dad’s biz is SEO and he helped her optimize and get noticed.


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The State of the Momosphere – Live Blogging

Session description:

The State of the Momosphere

It’s no secret that MommyBlogging has changed a lot in the past two years. Sort of like actors who toil away for years before becoming overnight sensations, MommyBloggers are now seen as power influencers by marketers and the media. Whether managing what amounts to small publishing juggernauts, or cranking out posts mostly for family and friends in their not-so-copious spare time, MommyBloggers are getting a lot of attention…individually and as a “segment.” Has the attention and opportunity affected the way you blog? Should it? What are some of the non-negotiable boundaries you have when you consider commercial relationships? Has all the attention and increasing opportunity also affected who you read? This panel will take a look at how MommyBloggers continue to express themselves, support one another and build their platforms under a microscope. It may also give those outside the Momosphere a better understanding of what MommyBloggers want, and how they want to be engaged, if at all. Come join the discussion and answer the questions above for yourself! Jory Des Jardins leads what is sure to be a lively discussion amongst the diverse community of MommyBloggers, including Catherine Connors, Lena Lotsey and Chris Jordan.

This session is sponsored by Five Moms.

The State of the Momosphere.

Jory, moderator. Catherine, Lena, Chris – panel.

Why we’re here: previously we had a conversation about mom bloggers. Sponsors started realizing the potential of marketing to moms. Today: Is the momosphere changing? Is there stratification? There are mom bloggers and the companies that want to market to them (why Jory thinks we’re here).

What about monetizing? Threat? Good thing?

Catherine Conners, Her Bad Mother. Part of BlogHers Act Canada. We’ll talk about her views on the politicization of mom blogs.

Lena Lotsey, Cheeky Lotus & Mamapop. She blogs about everything under the sun, not just mom stuff. So, what makes a mommy blogger? We’ll talk about that.

Chris Jordan, Notes from the Trenches. She’s been blogging 3 years. She blogs about being a mom. Jory called her a blogging “purist” because it’s about being a mom. Do we change our blogs, the more attention we get? We’ll explore this, too.

Why are you here? A journal for your children? To make money?

The darker side of mommyblogging. Is there division? What about money, and being approached regarding content? And privacy, how do you handle it? Are we able to agree on this?

All of these are themes that Jory is bringing up for us to address in the session.


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Why Bloggers Care About Web Standards – Live Blogging

*note: if you would like to see some additional links, or have suggestions for some links, please let me know in the comments*

Session description:

Find Out Why Bloggers Care About Web Standards

Last year, many attendees’ eyes were opened by a relatively brief presentation on making your blog more accessible for people with disabilities. This year we discuss how you can make your blog easier to find, easier to navigate, and easier to use for many visitors who aren’t viewing your blog in a standard web browser on a computer screen. Find out how to use web standards and other tools to optimize your blog for mobile users, users with disabilities, and various applications that are just now starting to index content about people, events, and more based on microformats. Skye Kilaen revisits making your blog more accessible for users with disabilities, while Virginia DeBolt covers how to check your site’s readability on mobile platforms and introduces you to using microformats to organize your content.

(Link to the presentation at (I’ll come back later and link to some of the terms you may not be familiar with.)

Welcome from Virginia DeBolt and Skye Kilaen.

Virginia is a technology contributor on BlogHer. She wrote a book on html & css together. Skye has no html or css coding by hand, but enjoys customizing MT.

Why do we care about web standards? What are they? They are the means of best practices, MOSTLY agreed upon for websites. We’ll be talking about two standards from W3C – html & css; accessibility; micro-formats (smaller standards for specific pieces of content).

Why standards? For cross-browser compatibility, opens door for more traffic.


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no sheep

Crisis was narrowly (and I do mean narrowly) averted last night. I got a call on my way home, and the bed was being installed right then. Cue angel choirs singing and the heavens opening. But then, when I got home, we – heaven forbid – tried to move the damn bed. My husband had unplugged an extension cord that we needed and we just wanted to be able to use our alarm clock. So we moved the bed… just a few inches. It wasn’t that far, it shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

It was. Half of the support slats came out, because the freaking movers didn’t bother to screw them to the frame! And since they have a middle support that reaches the carpet, when you move the bed, the damn slats move willy nilly. We pulled the mattress and box springs to get a better look, and I got just a little huffy. I called the store and told them to send the guys back because the supports weren’t attached. Or to bring us some damn screws so we can do it ourselves. (okay, so I didn’t quite say it that way, but I really wanted to. trying to get this bed delivered has been a nightmare. i wonder if mir’s moving karma has started traveling the u.s. in search of victims.)

They finally came an hour later and fixed the thing, with the excuse that they don’t normally attach the supports so you can move the bed. Huh? We did that and the damn thing nearly fell apart! My husband just gave me a look that told me not to say anything. At that point, I just wanted this whole thing to be over. I’m still debating whether or not I’ll call and ask for a refund of the delivery charges, based on how many times I’ve had to call and get this straightened out.


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she’s gonna blow!

Okay, people, let me see if I can explain something to you.

Pregnant women, if you haven’t figured it out, have a LOT of hormones surging through their systems. And they don’t always know what the last straw will be – you know, the one that pushes them over the edge from smiling, happy, one-with-the-universe pregnant woman to the raging banshee that’s lurking just below the surface.

So, if you irritate them, you push your luck at being “the one.” And you don’t want to be THAT one.

So, Mr. I’m-so-impatient- I-can’t-wait-for-you-to-get-out-of-the-way- so-I-can-get-my-drink, you have fair warning. You could be the one. And you were such an asshole I should have went off on you.

And, Interior Furnishings Store with the oh-that-bed-won’t-be-in- for-another-few-weeks- so-here’s-a-replacement-that-can-be-here-tomorrow- wait-it’s-not-we’re-picking-it-up-tonight- even-though-you-scheduled-delivery-today stance – you’re on notice. If I do not get my new, bigger bed with the ultra comfy mattress by tonight, you will not like the phone call that comes tomorrow.

Because lack of good sleep plus hormones? Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, shall we?

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BlogMe 2007

Hi, I’m Becky and I’m going to BlogHer for my second year in a row. I didn’t know anyone when I got there last year, but by the time I left, I had several new friends. And that’s why I’m going back this time.

A few things about me:

  • I’m 33
  • I’m 6 months pregnant with my first child
  • I’m a writer and am trying to build up freelance writing work
  • I work in technology at a large university
  • I graduated in May with my bachelors in English
  • I have a 19-year-old stepdaughter
  • My husband and I have been together for 9 years; married for 4 on leap day next year
  • I’ve been blogging in various permutations for 4 years

Time’s up! Now it’s your turn. Need help? See Lisa Stone’s post.

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calling all moms (with older children)

Moms, I have a question for you. When your child reaches college age, or if s/he is already there, will/do you charge him/her rent? Will you require him/her to help around the house in lieu of rent? Or will/do you require both rent and help?

I’m curious how you would handle something like that, or how you are handling things now. Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

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