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After my final, I headed to a girlfriend’s house to watch the final episode of Gilmore Girls. Say what you will, I used to watch the show all the time until school got in the way. My friend invited some other ladies over, and they had all worked at the same publisher at one time or another. So there were five women with English degrees (well, almost!) in the house.

We ate and chatted while waiting for the show to start. Idly picking up an Entertainment Weekly with “Hermione” on the front, one of the girls started reading some of the reviews by Lisa Schwarzman (I think that’s her name? I’ll probably look it up later. It was Lisa something). Um, yeah. I’d forgotten why I never read that magazine. This woman uses the most pretentious metaphors any of us have ever heard. She used phrases such as “unsettling opaque mask of [something - I forgot what]” and “map of sadness on his face.” I think we were all ready to gag. Then we started pointing out various sections of the “map of sadness” on our own faces.

Look! There’s the ravine of melancholy! I think I see the eye of reason! Ooooh, look at that cheek of distaste! We got a little carried away. Yet we all agreed that few people besides an English major would bother with Lisa’s metaphor-heavy reviews. Sometimes, just coming out and saying it works wonders, Lisa. Think of who your audience is. Will the average reader really look at those phrases a couple of times to decipher your meaning? I think not.

And then the show finally came on. It was bittersweet, as we have each enjoyed the show for various reasons. It was still fun, however. Some of the sappiness was a little too, well, sappy. And sugar-coated sweet. Hey, nostalgia is fine. Even a little sweetness is fine. But the end was overflowing in sweet, sticky goodness. It was a bit much, especially after we’d all had a generous piece of french silk pie (mmmm, pie). Finally, I declared that with the show’s sweetness and the pie (mmmm, pie) my blood sugar was up to here, and held my hand at least a foot over my head. They laughed and agreed.

But we still wouldn’t have missed the show. It was fun to see the various characters we love and don’t (like Taylor. Gah!). And while most of these women were new to me, we got along fabulously. They were all funny, and we laughed a lot. I haven’t had a lot of time for that recently, and with health issues that have cropped up, I certainly needed a good laugh to get my mind on happier things.

We plan on trying some movie nights during the summer. And that should go fabulously with the MONSTROUS hd tv my girlfriend has. We couldn’t stop commenting on how big everyone’s head was (it’s almost lifesize! look at that, I can see the color of Rory’s eyes – all 6 inches of them!). And how cute Sookie’s dimple was! And the gorgeous hair of Lorelai and Rory. No one looked bad on that TV. No one. So, it was decided that we must see Pirates on that TV so we can all oogle enjoy Johnny & Orlando in their massive hd tv glory. mmmm, cheesecake.

And now, I must return to homework and finish up those last pesky papers so I can actually receive a diploma (pretend, of course, until grades are in) at the end of the week.

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