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yeah, i’m feeling kind of ambivalent about blogging right now. i’m trying to write as frequently as i can, but it’s tough with so much going on. i just don’t have much to say that doesn’t involve work, school, or other things i can’t talk about right now.

my family has always been really private. they don’t think everyone needs to know your business. and that’s kind of hard when you’re from a small town. everyone knows. so maybe that’s why i’m uncomfortable with getting really personal. oh, sometimes i’ll post about my angst. but not as much as i could. i guess i just see how cruel people can be when you really put yourself out there. i’ve seen it happen with bloggers that are honest and raw.

maybe i’m a coward. maybe i don’t want to be judged. and maybe i just can’t bear to let people to get that close.

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