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catching up

home sick today. catching up on the food network shows and all the blogs i haven’t had time to read.

i won’t go into detail about what’s up right now. let’s just say it’s gastro-intestinal and leave it at that. (still too much info?) i hate that my body doesn’t process things the way it used to. oh, the joys of aging. i had no idea how much my body would change once i hit my thirties, making me sound like i’m in my eighties.

had a dr’s appt on monday and things are a-ok, though. funny how i started feeling crappy a day later, huh.

two people in my family have had strokes recently. an aunt and a cousin. and they were in the hospital at the same time, in rooms next to each other. how crazy is that? they both seem to be okay, but i think it hit my aunt a lot harder than the cousin. not even sure she’ll be the same after this. she and my dad were always pretty close. and she’s the writer in the family, so i’ve always felt like i had a connection with her because of writing. i need to make sure i go and see her next month. john and i are going back to see everyone after graduation. we’ll probably announce our news then, too.

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things are moving

it’s hard to write when you can’t yet write about the things that will be. i guess i need to start composing things now, about the things i am currently thinking, so they can be posted later.

i think i’m going to have to put off all of my summer travels, due to money. i was going to go to georgia and see several friends, and then to blogher in chicago, and some other things. but, there will be some major expenses coming up soon, so those other things will probably be put on hold. yeah, it sucks when you have to choose. no major expenses (like a new laptop) for at least a couple of years or more.

oh, i’m excited about the changes that are coming, really i am. but i have to start making choices now that support the changes that come later. and that can be pretty hard to do.

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