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people are weird

I’m at the coffee shop at school, typing on my computer, when a guy comes up and asks if he can use the little table in front of me. I tell hm that’s fine, and then he asks if the bottle of pop on the table is mine. I say it is. He reaches for it, like he’s going to move it. I just look at him. He asks again if he minds if he uses the table, and I asked if he was going to move it. It was only going about a foot or two. I told him to go ahead, that I’d grab my pop whenever I was ready for it. AGAIN, he reaches for the bottle and starts to move it, hesitates when I just look at him, and then wanders off to find another table. WTF?

My bottle takes up a tiny bit of space. Did he want the whole freaking thing to himself? Could he not stand the fact that my stuff (one thing!) was on the table he wanted to use? Mind you, it’s one of those little end tables, but still, there was plenty of room.

Dude, didn’t you mother teach you not to touch other people’s drinks? Freak! I’m telling you.

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