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getting older is FUN!

I occasionally have problems with sciatica (no, not the same as “attica!”). Yes, I am apparently an old woman and yes, I have hip problems. And ye olde sciatica has been a real bitch the last couple of weeks. I’ll be walking along when a twinge hits me. It could just be a quick dose of pain, if I’m lucky. If it’s bad, I can lose my balance as my hip just refuses to support my weight for a brief moment. I usually just stumble and regain my balance (painfully). But it can knock me for such a loop that I could fall. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s only a matter of time.  See, I only look drunk!

When I was younger, I was double-jointed at the hip. I could sit with my legs doubled under me or even flat on the floor with my legs bent outward (it looks like it would hurt, but at the time, it didn’t). Fast forward 15 years, when I don’t sit that way all the time. And guess what? If you don’t utilize that flexibility, you lose it! And then, your joints get painful because you’re not stretching them like you used to!

My advice? Don’t let your kids sit with their legs bent into an M shape when they’re young. It will only cause major aches and pains when they hit their ripe-old thirties. I should know – I are one.

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