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watch yourself

As I got ready to leave my British Lit class last night, I realized that one of my classmates wasn’t there, but her things were. We sit at these grouped tables, with about 5 people per table. I was slow gathering my things, and wound up being the last student in the class with the professor, her daughter, and the technology instructor (we have a smart classroom and he’s there to help with any technological issues that come up).

Girl’s name‘s stuff is still here. I don’t think she ever came back from break!” As I said this, my chest tightened just a little. It’s not like this girl to not come back after a break. Her purse, wallet, and books were all still in the same spot. I have other classes with her and she’s pretty reliable. The instructor did a sweep of the building while I tried to look for girl’s name‘s phone number. I found an address book, but the number she had written wasn’t working. The professor had to get her young daughter home (by this time it’s almost 10 o’clock) and the instructor and I stayed to wait for campus safety to come by. I continued to try and look for her phone number when she finally came rushing into the room, apologizing all over herself.

She’d had an urgent call during the break and lost all track of time. I walked out with her and she apologized again for making everyone worry.

I’m just glad that we noticed and looked for her. What if I hadn’t been one of the last ones there? Would anyone else have noticed her stuff? She would have been locked out without her purse or car keys (she did at least have her cell phone with her). And if we hadn’t stopped to look for her, and something bad had happened, we never would have forgiven ourselves.

I got a really nice email from the other student this morning. She thanked me for waiting around and being concerned about her. I consider her a friend and I’m glad she feels the same. I’m also glad she’s safe.

And this reminds me – we should ALL carry emergency contact numbers in our wallets, purses, or backpacks. Put down your cell phone and home numbers. Put an emergency contact’s name and phone number. Write more than one person’s name down so if they can’t reach your spouse, parent, or significant other, they can try to reach a friend. And most of all, be safe out there.

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