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honey do

While I slept in, J went to the park to help set up for an archery shoot tomorrow. Apparently, black widows really liked the hay bales they were setting up. Eek! I’m glad I didn’t go. He said one of them was huge – as big as half his thumb. And let me tell you, this man has big thumbs. *shudder*

I spent most of the morning moving books from the bedroom bookshelves. We’re rearranging, moving the shelves from the bedroom to the dining room. Oh my word, you will not believe how many books we have! We need to go through them all, sorting which ones we’ll keep, which ones get sold, and which ones go to Mom & Dad’s for storage. I’ll have to take a picture so you can see the size of the stacks. There are at least 7 rows, 2 deep, and the ALL come at least to my waist. Did I mention I’m 5’9”?

In addition to moving the shelves out of the bedroom (we need some more room in there), we shifted some other bedroom furniture. Trying to move a big bed with stuff underneath it, and on top (laundry sorting, too!) was so. much. fun! J was exhausted from the work at the shoot, but we had already agreed to work on the house today. So he helped, after a brief rest. He’s such a trouper!

And now, I will continue to avoid doing homework until tomorrow. Only one month left, thankfully.

Time to go see what’s on the comedy channel…

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