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I’m getting more serious about my photography, and having fun with it. You might start seeing watermarked photos, so I can preserve my rights for later. I’ve been lucky so far, but I know too many people who have had their work stolen. And since I want to make this into a more serious hobby, I need to comport myself accordingly.

I will always post silly snapshots and such, and still goof around a bit. But I will be working on putting my portfolio together, because I need to stop messing around and get serious.

I love photography. LOVE it. It’s in my blood. There are few things more peaceful for me than walking around, camera in hand, looking for a good shot. Some recent events have pushed me to get busy doing more of what I love. We could all use a little bit of doing what we love, couldn’t we?

(I used aperture’s watermark feature to add the logo. It’s so simple, once you know how. Sweet!)

Photo & text © 2007 Lola Goetz Photography/ Becky Scott

yes, another one from Flickr, because not everyone goes over there and I wanted to share. In rhyme, apparently. but i’m going to give more serious photography a try, because it is slowly becoming something i can’t separate myself from. when i get out of school in may, you’ll find me out and about, shooting. i have a lot to catch up on, you know.

one more thing: what do you think of the script on the watermark? the kiddo says it’s a little too loop-y, but that’s actually what i like about it. any feedback is appreciated.

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Hubby & me

Hubby & me

This is a vacation pic from Belize. It is one of my favorite pictures of us for many reasons.

For one, we look happy and relaxed here. We were. It reminds me of how much fun we had on that trip, how we fell in love with each other even more than before, after being together almost 9 years. It reminds me of how mellow Belize was for us, and the fun times we had with some of our best friends in the world. The people we met. The incredible house that our friends are building. It reminds me of our best vacation ever, and how we long to go back again as soon as we can. I am filled with such joy, relaxation, and longing when I see this pic.

It is worth a thousand words, and more, to me.

originally posted at flickr, but thought i’d share it here as well.

photo & text © 2007 Lola Goetz Photography/ Becky Scott

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I lost some entries after my host moved me to a different server. Nothing earth-shattering. I mentioned something about going to see Wicked last Saturday. Other than that, I don’t know if I posted much of anything.

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I’m trying out the lomo effect that a lot of people on flickr have been playing with. It’s kinda fun and will be interesting to try on some other photos.

Palms - lomo

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while i’m at it

and yes, while i’m at it, i miss the old days when all my friends lived here and weren’t scattered to the four winds. not that there’s anything wrong with that. but i miss having everyone together in one place and doing fun things on the weekend and being with an hours’ drive of those i love.

i miss my friends.

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brandy old-fashioneds and friends. what more could you want on a friday night? (forgive me for drunk blogging. first time, ok? forgive me for misspellings? :*)

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Thal’s death huge blow to medical community

Dr. Leon Thal was a pioneer in Alzheimer’s research at UCSD. He was killed in a plane crash this weekend. He headed a study that was immensely useful in gathering data about Alzheimer’s Disease. Although I didn’t now him personally, I have been familiar with his research study. And this man was instrumental in bringing this research to the forefront of the neurosciences community. I only hope someone will step up and head the studies that are already under way, so we don’t lose progress on studying Alzheimer’s. I do wonder what will happen to the studies without him. As many of his colleagues have stated, he’s irreplaceable.

My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends. Dr. Thal was only 62.

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chat love

I just found Adium and I am in chat-love. I can sign in to ALL of my chat accounts at once. Set-up is so easy. I was up in running in the amount of time it took to type in all of my accounts. Love. LOVE so far. Will let you know if I hate it after actually chatting with someone. Hee!

(I have Trillian on my windoze machine, but this is the first multiple account program I’ve seen for a Mac.)

seen via the apple blog and lifehacker

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