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i have NEVER been so happy to get a C in my life.

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merry christmas!

merry christmas (or happy holidays, whatever you do or don’t celebrate)

i hope that you get to spend time with people important to you. love and peace.

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oh, carl

Just when you thought it was safe to eat at Carl’s Jr. again, they whip out the disgusting commercials once more. This time, it’s two guys talking about a philly cheesesteak burger. And they are yapping with full mouths (well, at least one of them is).

Dear Carl’s Jr:

Stop with the disgusting commercials. We don’t like to hear people talking with their mouths full. We don’t like to see it. It’s rude, crude, and makes us not want to EVER eat at your restaurant again. The big sloppy burger splatting on the counter at the end? Not doing it for us either.

Get a clue. We don’t want to see people with horrible manners in your commercials. Find another gimmick.



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just a glimpse

I haven’t had time to go thru my vacation photos. I will, but not until after the new year. Here’s one for now.


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go chargers!

man, what a great game today. chargers take the AFC west and LT sets the record for most touchdowns in a season. woohoo!

i hope we’ll be able to see some of the games while we’re at mom & dad’s!

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here’s your sign

I was thinking about the sign on the 5 freeway that used to say “Cruise Ships Exit Here”. I never got a pic of it while it was up. And I haven’t spotted one on the web. Has anyone seen a pic of that somewhere? I wish I had snapped a shot when I could have.

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did i mention?

Did I mention that Belize was the best vacation ever? No, seriously. EVER.

I so want to go back. NOW. Part of it is just getting away from the demands of everything and everyone, and enjoying serious down time with my sweetie. That was so nice.

Stories and pics after I get out from under my school work. Promise.

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met the deadline

I almost missed calling my brother on his birthday. I am a bad, bad sister.

I am so wrapped up in homework, I forgot what the date was. Yes, it’s that bad. 300 pages of Proust (plus a reading journal). 300+ pages of Dos Passos (Manhattan Transfer). 400+ pages of Agee (Let Us Now Praise Famous Men). 1 fiction paper (plot driven). 1 lit paper on a British Lit book (6 pages). 1 lit paper comparing Wm Carlos Williams and Hart Crane (8 pages). A nonfiction paper for a workshop on Tuesday. A review of a nonfiction work (technique).

And by next week, 36 polished pages of writing to turn in for my final in nonfiction.

Yikes. If I could just stop trying to listen to the Harry Potter movie in the other room!

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