final countdown

wow, this is it. the last day of NaBloPoMo. we made it!

i hope you had fun if you participated. if you didn’t, i hope you looked at some of the participants and found some new reads.

i found a new love for writing – about something other than myself (which i really hate to do, believe it or not). superficial stuff is always okay, but i have a hard time with the really personal things. so i talk about crap. but freewriting from a keyword or two is really cool. i’d like to keep trying that.

another idea to prompt my writing is using some of the resources i already have, like the pocket muse. it has some great prompts in it. although it’s more for writing stories and novels, i can see how it would be easily adapted to blogging.

well, i had fun. and this month has shown me that i can find something to write about every day. i just need to continue that, with some more thoughtful pieces thrown in once in a while, just to mix things up and be interesting.

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