breaking up

Well, let’s see, what do I want to say about breaking up? Do I want to speak of relationships, or do I want to talk about me breaking up mentally? There are so many directions to go in. What does breaking up mean? We break up peanut brittle when we make it! Besides spreading out the molten liquid and peanuts, my favorite part is breaking up the brittle. It’s so much fun to smash into bite-size pieces. I love making brittle with my mom. I hope we make it this year at Christmas. Next time I call, I’ll have to ask Mom to make sure she has the ingredients on hand. My mom makes the best candy. I love her brittle. We always eat way too much of it. We’ll have at least a week or more there. Maybe we’ll get to make fudge or something, too. We’ll have to go see June in the candy shop. I can’t wait for Christmas. It’s not about the gifts – we hardly do anything. It’s the family visits. And the food. I can’t wait to have Mom’s turkey and dressing. Maybe I should do a piece on food?

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